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Know Your Wood: A Beginner's Guide to Wood Types and Uses

Discover the Beauty of Walnut, Maple, and Oak with YEG Woodcraft

At YEG Woodcraft, we believe that understanding the materials we use is key to appreciating the craftsmanship behind every piece of our custom-made wooden furniture. Today, we’re spotlighting three of our favorite wood types: Walnut, Maple, and Oak. Whether you’re a homeowner in Edmonton or anywhere in Canada, this guide will help you choose the best wood for your next furniture project.


Walnut: Elegance and Durability

Walnut is known for its rich, dark color and fine grain, making it a top choice for high-end furniture. This hardwood is not only beautiful but also durable, withstanding the test of time.

  • Perfect For: Dining tables, bed frames, and cabinets.
  • Why Choose Walnut: Its natural elegance and resilience make it ideal for statement pieces in your home.

 Maple: Strength and Versatility

Maple wood offers a lighter, creamy color with a smooth, consistent grain. It's incredibly strong and versatile, making it a favorite for various furniture types.

  • Perfect For: Kitchen cabinets, dressers, and flooring.
  • Why Choose Maple: Its strength and light color can brighten up any room, adding a modern touch.

Oak: Classic and Robust

Oak is a classic choice, known for its prominent grain and durability. This hardwood can range from light to medium brown, providing a timeless look that fits any decor style.

  • Perfect For: Bookcases, dining sets, and coffee tables.
  • Why Choose Oak: Its robustness and classic appearance make it a staple for both traditional and contemporary designs.

Why Choose YEG Woodcraft?

At YEG Woodcraft, our passion lies in creating custom-made wooden furniture that not only fits your space but also tells your story. Our expert craftsmen use the finest Walnut, Maple, and Oak to bring your vision to life.

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