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Wood Types Explained


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Knotty Pine Wood

Pine is our base option but should not be overlooked. The grain is absolutely something to obsess over and brings any room alive! The drawbacks are the durability. Pine is great for decorative pieces with low use! We generally recommend away from Pine for high-use spots unless you are okay with some wear and tear!

What this means in plain english, if you are gentle on things then Pine is awesome. If you have little destroyers, you will want to stay far away and go with Red Oak, Maple, or Walnut!

Remember every type of wood can be finished and stained any color! They all recieve the same treatment!


Red Oak wood is our most popular option! It has an incredible amount of durability and is what we consider our 'commercial option'. The other benefit is the price point! It is not only incredible quality & durability but it is a reasonably priced option as well!

The Red Oak grain has a unique modern wave grain that brings together modern feel with solid wood feels. A 6 person table can weigh around 200+ pounds! So Red Oak is no joke!

Once we stain the table any color you would like, we then spray finish our tables with polyurethane, a liquid plastic, that helps protect the top of the table and prevent any water or heat damage!

Alder Wood

Alder Wood is essentially an upgraded Pine Wood. Being about 5 times as dense as Pine it offers an upgraded durability with a knotty look! Still no where near Red Oak's density at 10-12x Pine, Alder is a great middle ground on durability!

Alder Knots are also a little unique! They open up which allows us to fill them in with a black epoxy before spray finishing and sealing the entire table!

Again, every table can be stained almost any color!

Maple Wood

Maple is our premium option for those who love elegance, simplicity, and durability. With similar durability to Red Oak, Maple grain is much more subtle. It is a preferred option for those that want a center piece without too much flare.

Maple can also be stained any color and will be spray finished with Polyurethane just like all of our other tables!

Walnut Wood

Walnut is a premium option that comes with incredible durability and a unique dark grain. This is the only wood option we carry in which we use no stain. Just our protective finish is sprayed onto the table to help prevent any scratches, heat marks, or wear & tear!

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